Chromatin remodeling in cancer

Our laboratory is centered in understanding the structure and function of large, macromolecular machines called ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes, with an emphasis in dissecting their roles in human disease and identifying new therapeutic opportunities.

The efforts in the lab are highly multidisciplinary, integrating biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, genomics and epigenomics, as well as systems biology. Through our comprehensive studies to define the functions of mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes in governing gene expression coupled with disease-specific investigations to identify the mechanisms underlying their frequent perturbation, we aim to develop new methodologies for the study of chromatin regulation and to identify novel therapeutic strategies to target a broad range of human maladies.

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Our Research Team

With affiliations at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Kadoch Lab brings together the best of the Boston/Cambridge research community to tackle unique challenges in unraveling chromatin regulatory mechanisms.

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